Moving Forward Backwards: The Wallaces of Tennessee

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I have struggled with starting this blog for a few weeks now. These folks just insist on going first, nobody wants to wait their turn. I usually like to be in control of situations but not this time. When i was a child, my grandma would say “you can’t hear for listening”. I never knew what that meant until i was older. As children, we are naturally nosey and always wanted to hear “grown folks” talking and then could’nt wait to “go run tell it”, most of the time, getting the information wrong. Now that i’m older, I see that being nosey can be a good thing, as well as gossip. When i first started my research, i had no idea what to do or where to go. i spent a many a night confused and going in circles. i finally had to sit down and hear what was being said instead of running around trying to “tell it”.

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