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Paul Reed StatesboroGeorgia August 161904 For alleged murder.
Reed along with William
Cato was charged with
murdering a white family.
At the conclusion of
their trial a mob stormed
the courthouse grabbed
the men took them out of
town and burned them
alive. (Lynching in the
New South pg. 202-203
Gilbert Thompson StatesboroGeorgia February 241908
Mimms Collier SteenstonMississippi November 181896
Frank Embree SteinmetzMissouri July 231899
Hog Wilson StephensArkansas September 31902
Two Unknown Negroes StephensArkansas August 311904
Lawrence Brown StiltonSouth Carolina January 61897
Cato Jarrett Stouts CrossingMississippi July 71903
Unknown Negro StuttgartArkansas August 91916
Neeley Giles SucarnoocheeMississippi January 151912