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Charles Williams Emanuel CountyGeorgia October 71896 For alleged murder
Vance (Vincent?) Williams LouievilleGeorgia August 251908 For alleged murder
William Wilson Columbia CountyGeorgia May 131900 For alleged murder
Peter Jackson JesupGeorgia December 25-261889 For alleged murder
Jones Echols CountyGeorgia February 261892 For alleged murder
Newt Jones Appling CountyGeorgia November 291893 For alleged murder
George Coldhand Colquitt CountyGeorgia January 91895 For alleged murder
William Connell Montgomery CountyGeorgia May 221895 For alleged murder
Paul Reed StatesboroGeorgia August 161904 For alleged murder.
Reed along with William
Cato was charged with
murdering a white family.
At the conclusion of
their trial a mob stormed
the courthouse grabbed
the men took them out of
town and burned them
alive. (Lynching in the
New South pg. 202-203
General Williams Burke CountyGeorgia October 241890 For alleged murder.
Williams was 15 years old
when he was lynched for
allegedly murdering a
white boy who was the
nephew of the local
constable. The Constable
used his home as the jail
and while he and his
prisoner were in transit
a mob stopped them and