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Tom Tench Merriwether CountyGeorgia January 161887 For alleged rape
Calvin Thomas Decatur CountyGeorgia December 25-261893 For alleged rape
General Williams Burke CountyGeorgia October 241890 For alleged murder.
Williams was 15 years old
when he was lynched for
allegedly murdering a
white boy who was the
nephew of the local
constable. The Constable
used his home as the jail
and while he and his
prisoner were in transit
a mob stopped them and
Paul Reed StatesboroGeorgia August 161904 For alleged murder.
Reed along with William
Cato was charged with
murdering a white family.
At the conclusion of
their trial a mob stormed
the courthouse grabbed
the men took them out of
town and burned them
alive. (Lynching in the
New South pg. 202-203
George Coldhand Colquitt CountyGeorgia January 91895 For alleged murder
William Connell Montgomery CountyGeorgia May 221895 For alleged murder
Peter Jackson JesupGeorgia December 25-261889 For alleged murder
Jones Echols CountyGeorgia February 261892 For alleged murder
Newt Jones Appling CountyGeorgia November 291893 For alleged murder
Vance (Vincent?) Williams LouievilleGeorgia August 251908 For alleged murder