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Name   City   State   Date   Year   Comments  
Randall WinfieldAlabama April 251891
Thomas BirminghamAlabama April 251909
Samuel Hose NewmanGeorgia April 251899 Alleged murder. Hose
had asked his employer to
allow him to return home
to visit his ailing
mother. The employer
refused and after a two
day argument drew his
pistol and threatened to
kill Hose who responded
by hurling an axe into
his employer's head ki
Elijah Strickland PalmettoGeorgia April 251899 Alleged accomplice to a
Henry Noles WinchesterTennessee April 251901
Unknown Negro ParsonsTennessee April 251895
Jerry Teel San AugustineTexas April 241890
A. J. Hunt specific locality
Oregon April 241891
Allen Green WalhallaSouth Carolina April 241930
Jeff Luggle CherokeeKansas April 241894