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Name   City   State   Date   Year   Comments  
Charles Lewis SuttonWest Virginia November 31903
Charles Lokie TiftonGeorgia August 71908 For alleged wild talk
Charles Mack SaffordGeorgia July 251899 Alleged rape/robbery
Charles Mack SwainsboroGeorgia September 261891 For alleged rape
Charles Martin MadisonFlorida February 11899
Charles Martin Madison CountyGeorgia January 291899
Charles Miller CullodenGeorgia September 101906
Charles Miller BardwellKentucky July 71893
Charles Miller Alleghany CountyVirginia October 171891 For assault and riot. A
policeman in Clifton
Forge Virginia tried to
arrest a group of miners
(Bob Burton Charles
Miller John and William
Scott) for boisterous
intimidating behavior.
They resisted arrest and
made their way out of
town and back to the mi
Charles Mithcell UrbanaOhio June 41897