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Name   City   State   Date   Year   Comments  
Walter McClennon HuntingdonTennessee October 41901
Walter Jones HarristonMississippi September 281913
Walter Johnson BluefieldWest Virginia September 51912
Walter Griffin St. CharlesArkansas March 261904
Walter Greer ShelbyvilleTennessee February 191912
Walter Cotton Greenville CountyVirginia March 241900 For murder. Described
as a black desperado
Cotton was lynched in
retaliation for the
murders of several
whites. Blacks who
witnessed the lynching
demanded that Cotton's
white sidekick Brandt
O'Grady also be lynched
and led the mob that
dragged him from
Walter Cole Morgan CountyTennessee January 211908
Walter Clayton Bay MinettAlabama April 61908
Walter Clark DanvilleVirginia October 131917 For murder. Accused of
murder Clark fought a gun
battle with a mob of law
officers and citizens.
The mob set fire to
Clarks home and he was
shot as he fled.
(Lynching in the New
South pg. 34)
Walter Carter specific locality
Alabama November 301903