A Partial Listing of Negroes Lynched in the United States Since 1859     Search   Export to CSV

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Name   City   State   Date   Year   Comments  
Rufus Lesuere ThomastonGeorgia August 171901
Rufus Beagley JacksonMississippi November 151893
Rudolph Clements WainesdorfWest Virginia July 251902
Rudd Lane LouisianaMissouri September 11915
Ruben Sims Little RiverAlabama April 161904
Roxie Elliot CentervilleAlabama April 151891
Ross Griffin Oglethorpe CountyGeorgia July 91887 For attempted rape
Rose Etheridge PhoenixSouth Carolina November 91898
Rose Carson ElloreeSouth Carolina July 131914
Roscoe Smith Yellow RiverFlorida July 61913