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Kellis Moorman Henry CountyVirginia April 191886 For assault
Elmer (Elmore?) Moseley Sussex or Prince George
Virginia January 141904 For murder. Mosely was
acquitted of killing his
black neighbor in front
of the man's family. A
group of blacks lynched
Mosely as he returned
from the trial. (Lynching
in the New South pg. 30).
Pinkney Murphy Nelson CountyVirginia September 141900 For attempted rape
Mach Neal WarrenVirginia November 301910
William Page LillianVirginia August 171917 attempted rape
Tom Pannell Pittsylvania CountyVirginia April 61891 reason unknown
Lee Pickett Patrick CountyVirginia July 121898 For attempted rape.
Pickett was a discharged
mental patient. The five
white men who lynched him
were subsequently found
guilty of second-degree
murder and given
sentences ranging from
5-6 years in the
penitentiary. (Lynching
in the New South pg. 94)
Martin Roland AbingdonVirginia April 31889
Martin Rollins Russell CountyVirginia April 21889 For murder
John Scott Alleghany CountyVirginia October 171891 For assault and riot. A
policeman in Clifton
Forge Virginia tried to
arrest a group of miners
(Bob Burton Charles
Miller John and William
Scott) For boisterous
intimidating behavior.
They resisted arrest and
made their way out of
town and back to the mi