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Page Wallace Loudoun CountyVirginia February 181880 For rape
William Allen Warwick CountyVirginia December 61881 For murder. In 1881
after months of arguments
and threatened fights
between William Allen a
drayman and a white man
he drove to work each
morning Allen challenged
the man to a fight and in
the struggle that
followed killed him.
(Lynching in the New
Richmond Roberts Burke CountyGeorgia December 171882 For attempted rape
Lewis Warren Miller CountyGeorgia August 261883 For attempted rape
Henry Kyle Decatur CountyGeorgia October 131883 For alleged rape
Reuben Robinson Miller CountyGeorgia August 101883 For murder
Frank Fountain Miller CountyGeorgia September 41883 For attempted rape
Harry Bradley Miller CountyGeorgia August 101883 For Murder
Aaron Coachman Early CountyGeorgia July 111884 For attempted rape
Richard Cuff Calhoun CountyGeorgia August 61884 For an unknown offense