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Name   City   State   Date   Year   Comments  
Andy Ford GainesvilleFlorida August 251891
Charles Griffen specific locality
Florida June 221891
Thaddeus Holmes Charlotte CountyVirginia December 21890 For murder
Brown Washington Morgan CountyGeorgia February 271890 For murder
General Williams Burke CountyGeorgia October 241890 For alleged murder.
Williams was 15 years old
when he was lynched for
allegedly murdering a
white boy who was the
nephew of the local
constable. The Constable
used his home as the jail
and while he and his
prisoner were in transit
a mob stopped them and
John Williams WaynesboroGeorgia October 241890 
Frank Wosten HomerGeorgia October 121890 
Sim Bell Johnson CountyGeorgia March 221890 For alleged murder
Washington Brown AthensGeorgia February 281890
James Harmon Social CircleGeorgia July 111890