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Slaveowner   Slave   Parents   Age   Sex   Color   Other   State   County   Date   Page  
Edward HerndonMary 0  Thomas Otey, John W.
Wells witnesses.
VirginiaRichmondJune 29 1860132
N.M. LeeMary 0  R.P. Turner, R.D. James
VirginiaRichmondDec 1 1860135
Robert P. SnellMary & Son 0  James M Miller, B M
Lynch, witnesses
MissouriSt. LouisJan 6 1860109
Henry HarrisMary (former slave of
John Hall)
 0  J A Glass, John Hall,
KentuckyShelbyNov 4 1859101
Blackwell, Murphy &
Mary An 15 BlackW A Collins, W B
Thompson, witnesses
KentuckyFayetteSept 8 185980
Blackwell, MurphyMary An Johnson 24 blackM.A. Collins & W.B.
Thompson witnesses.
KentuckyFayetteSept 8 1860129
Edward HerndonMary and her child Harry 0Female Thomas Otey, John W.
Wells witnesses.
VirginiaRichmondJune 29 1860132
T&J ArterburnMary Ann 17 blackJames Hughes & G.W.
Davis witnesses
KentuckyJeffersonOct 30 18583
Pierce Griffin & W.A.
Mary Ann 17 blackJonh A McCampbell &
Obadiah Griffin
witnesses. "The said
Griffin & Pullam came
lawfully into the
possession of said slaves
and said slaves was
removed to the State of
Mississippi by said
Griffin & Pullum for
KentuckyShelbyDec 4 185826
Blackwell, Murphy &
Mary Ann  19 BrownAsa Collins, W B
Thompson, witnesses
KentuckyFayetteMar 5 185975