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Slaveowner   Slave   Parents   Age   Sex   Color   Other   State   County   Date   Page  
Pierce Griffin & W.A.
Agnes (or Agnus) 0  E.W. Blackburn & J.H.
Pleasants witnesses
VirginiaRichmondDec 16 185836
Edward HerndonCharles 0  Hector Davis & B.W.
Elmore witnesses
VirginiaRichmondSept 7 185831
James M. MillerAlice 0  D L Graves, George Peak,
KentuckyMarionJan 13 185951
James M. MillerJim 0Male George W Craven, Simeon
Walker, witnesses
KentuckyMarionJan 17 185950
W.F White & Co. (sold
by M.C. Foushee to W.F.
White & Co. slave
trading company)
Priscilla 0FemalenegroPriscilla is described a
being a well qualified
Cook, Washer and
Seamstress. M.C Foushee
& W.C. Max witnesses.
KentuckyFayetteNov 2 185822
James M. MillerJim 0Male T J Miller, John M.
Miller, witnesses
KentuckyMarionJan 17 185949
Edward HerndonHarriette 0  Till Jones, Leonard T.
Slater, witnesses
Richmond, VA Sept 6 185847
Joseph BiggsDina 0  James D Biggs, Bell
Lynch, witnesses
MissouriSt. LouisJun 25 185978
Joseph BiggsMartha 0  James D Biggs, Bell
Lynch, witnesses
MissouriSt. LouisJun 25 185978
Pierce Griffin & W.A.
Malinda 0  Silas Omohundro & T.
Davis witnesses
VirginiaRichmondDec 18 185837