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Slaveowner   Slave   Parents   Age   Sex   Color   Other   State   County   Date   Page  
T. & J. ArterburnGeorge 20MaleblackL. Graves & Garland
Twyman witnesses
KentuckyJeffersonDec 24 185842
James M. MillerElbert 0Male George Goodman, W. H.
Smith, witnesses
KentuckyMarionJan 13 185949
James M. MillerJim 0Male T J Miller, John M.
Miller, witnesses
KentuckyMarionJan 17 185949
James M. MillerJim 0Male George W Craven, Simeon
Walker, witnesses
KentuckyMarionJan 17 185950
James M. MillerRiamon 0Male George W Goodrum, D L
Graves, witnesses
KentuckyMarionJan 13 185951
T & J ArterburnWashington 21MaleBlackIssac O. McCracken, David
R. Vanneter, witnesses
KentuckyJeffersonJan 5 185954
W T White & Co.HenryPriscila Bates4MaleBlackAsa Collins, Samuel T
Embry, witnesses
KentuckyFayetteJan 14 185962
SlaveownerSlaveParent(s)0SexColorOtherStateCountyDate Source0