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Pierce Griffin & W.A.
Margaret 16 blackJonh A McCampbell &
Obadiah Griffin
witnesses. "The said
Griffin & Pullam came
lawfully into the
possession of said slaves
and said slaves was
removed to the State of
Mississippi by said
Griffin & Pullum for
KentuckyShelbyDec 4 185826
Pierce Griffin & W.A.
Margaret 0  E.W. Blackburn & J.H.
Pleasants witnesses
VirginiaRichmondDec 16 185836
Joseph BiggsMargaret 0  James D Biggs, Bell
Lynch, witnesses
MissouriSt. LouisJun 25 185978
Pierce GriffinMargaret 0  A Delap, M T Farrington,
E P Smith, witnesses
Memphis, TNShelbyOct 20 185992
Pogue & WilliamsMargaret 0  Corbin Thompson, W S
Simpson, witnesses
MissouriSt. LouisDec 17 1859106
William J. GrayMargaret 24Femaleblack(?) Clark, Woodford
McDowd witnesses
KentuckyJeffersonJan 10 1960117
Edward HerndonMargaret 0  Thomas Otey, John W.
Wells witnesses.
VirginiaRichmondJune 29 1860132
W.F. White & Co. (
sold by Elias D. Ball to
White & Co.)
Manuel 0Malenegro"...considered first
rate Black smith".
John Stodghill, W.
Richards, B.F. Fishback,
A. Milbourn, E.
Milbourne, M. Crow, J.B.
McNeil, J.H. Davis W.A.
Harris, Wm. M. Fields,
W.R. Orear, James Hunter
KentuckyBoyleNov 11 185823
William J. GrayManual 15Maleblack(?) Clark, Woodford
McDowd witnesses
KentuckyJeffersonJan 10 1960117
Pierce GriffinManerva 0  A Delap, Isaac Nevill
Memphis,TNShelbyOct 8 185989