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Year   County   Name   Age   Sex   Color   Free or Slave   Married or Widow   Birth   Month Died   Occupation   Cause   Days Ill  
1860Gloucester CountyJames E. Tilledge7/12/01M   VirginiaDec. Paralysis12 days
1860Gloucester CountyThomas M. Stubblefield59M  MVirginiaAug.FarmerParalysis3 days
1860Charles City CountyPhillis45FemaleBlackSlave VirginiaOctoberServantPhthisis
1860Charles City CountySusan60FemaleBlackSlave VirginiaNovemberServantPhthisis
1860Charles City CountyMary Willcox23FemaleWhite  VirginiaApril Phthisis
1860Accomack County, Prince
George Parish
Sally Colluna40FemaleBlackSlave  MAYCook womanPleurisy
1860Accomack County, Prince
George Parish
James Scarburgh50MaleBlackSlave  MAR Pleurisy
1860Accomack County, Prince
George Parish
Southy Snead22MaleBlackFree  FEBFarm laborerPleurisy
1860Accomack CountyOceanna Lucas12-AugFemaleWhite   MAY Pleurisy
1860Accomack CountyElizabeth Staten73FemaleWhite     Pleurisy