Black Livseys With White Roots

In Snellville, Ga., a city about 25 miles east of Atlanta racial strives are being made by a prominent family mending their historic roots. White and Black Livseys becomes One Family…

Its our purpose to promote the heritage of Gwinnett County, Georgia. We feel its our duty to educate its citizens, students,and visitors of the influences and effects of the Civil War.

While history books illustrate grand battlefields, like Gettysburg, Vicksburg or even Chicamauga, where fathers and brothers fought to the death against each other. The bloody and the dead were left to rot where they laid.

For better or worse, today’s history is left for the living. We must question our past in order to determine our own future…

This is the story of the racial divide and a reunion 187 years ago, of a proud American family that settled in Gwinnett County, Georgia in 1840.

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