Bound By The Past

When Michael Saahir and Anne McWilliams crossed paths over coffee between Sunday services at her Northside church, they easily could have passed from each other’s lives without another thought.

But Saahir noticed her nametag and made a comment that there were McWilliamses in his family.

The overture could seem odd, given that Saahir is black and McWilliams is white. And even stranger, Saahir is Muslim — a kufi-wearing imam, in fact — and at the time, McWilliams was an administrator at a Christian seminary.

Yet McWilliams couldn’t help but come back to Saahir, who was the guest speaker at her First Congregational Church of Christ, and pick up the thread connecting them. It didn’t take long for them to realize they were connected by more than a thread. Read More

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