Confronting Slavery-In an African American Family

Every African American family has a history but not every African American family knows much about their family history. Slavery tore black families apart and thus made a continuous history linked with one particular family line very difficult to track. Stories linked to the past are most often oral passed down through generations by family members who are “keepers of the stories”. On my family history journey, I discovered the importance of listening to those old family stories as told by the “keepers”; using the stories as road maps to find my way more and connect the dots of my family’s history.

Have you ever heard the same family story or at least varying versions of the same story so many times that you think you will scream? Well, that describes my beginning with the Moncure Family Story. Over and over, I heard the “Moncure Roots” story. I listened politely, never realizing the importance of those oral tales of years gone by. My sole mission during my younger years was to get to the end of the story without screaming. Read more …

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