Genealogy Has a New Face – The 21st Century’s Answer to the Past

GREELEY, Colo., Sept. 19 /PRNewswire/ — Irbo Inc., a company dedicated to preserving the high standards of the genealogical community, today announced that they have combined the interest of this enormous industry with the community of those who see genealogy as a profession of ethics and honor. Unlike other bid format sites that help to sell physical wares,, a reverse auction entity, has implemented a method to screen those specialists that have a confirmed background in the field or who have educational experience in the field.

“The challenge for us was to bring research and other genealogy specialties to the global market without injuring the standards of the specialists who believe in what they’re doing,” said Deborah Irwin, a professional genealogist herself and a founding member of Irbo Inc. “The professionals have worked diligently to gain a sound reputation by adhering to set principles and ethics and we respect 100% these standards. In turn
we wanted to bring those who desire their family history the option of an affordable method in which to have this history investigated both domestically and around the world.”

The system is designed for the specialist who may need to add a case to their schedule or a history graduate seeking to get their feet wet. It also serves the seeker who would like to trace their family lines. “It’s a win-win situation,” states Ms. Irwin. specialties include research, village photography, translations, publishing, calligraphy, live relations search, charts and most other facets of genealogy.

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