Passion drives effort to preserve history, search for roots

Candice McKnight all but moves mountains to help people find their roots.

But it was on an imposing rock set down in a stranger’s yard in Missouri that she looked her own family’s past in the face.

The president of the African-American Historical and Genealogical Society of Colorado Springs was visiting family when a cousin, who belonged to a historical society there, showed her the rock that had been a platform from which slaves were sold in the early 1800s. Intrigued, they found papers that showed that a great-great-grandmother had been sold there.

But in an unusual twist, the woman was a French indentured servant who was sold to an African-American family,

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  • catherine exton isom wilson Posted November 6, 2012 8:34 pm

    I pray that someone can help me…I am looking for relatives with these surnames…Shegar…Isom…Exton…Adair…and Fields. these are my family surnames.from Mississippi…Tennessee…Illionois…and Arkansas.

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