Relatives of OKC resident documented in Depression-era slave narrative share more family history

What’s it like to be raised by an ex-slave?

Ask Frank Luster. The Oklahoma City resident was born 89 years ago as the grandson of emancipated slave Bert Luster. After the death of Frank’s birth father — who was the former slave’s biological son — Bert took in the boy to take the hardship off his mother.

“(Bert) taught me and raised me —everything I know,” said Frank Luster, who joined his grandfather at age 3 in OKC.

Bert Luster was mentioned in Oklahoma Gazette’s Feb. 24, 2010, cover story titled “Ex-slaves” during Black History Month. Following publication, Luster’s great-great-great grandson, state Rep. Mike Shelton, D-Oklahoma City, contacted the Gazette to share their emancipated relative’s history. Read more – The Oklahoma Gazette

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