Universities Are Slow To Reveal Links To Slavery

When Brown University released its landmark report on the institution’s connections to slavery in the fall of 2006, academics and reparations advocates across the country praised the institution, but few universities have followed Brown’s lead in examining their own history with slavery more than one year later.

The culmination of nearly three years of research by the Steering Committee on Slavery and Justice, a group appointed by President Ruth Simmons, the report outlines Brown’s ties to slavery and the history of the reparations movement in America and examines models for restorative justice.

With the report, Brown has really gotten this debate going and it’s spilling out, splattering on the canvas and all, Alfred Brophy, a professor of law at the University of Alabama and a reparations scholar, told Diverse. But this will not be a one-year process. This sort of discussion moves at an academic pace. People chew on the ideas. They debate them. Read More

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