Sorenson Genomics to Bring the First-Ever Retail DNA Test to Market

identigeneSALT LAKE CITY–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sorenson Genomics, a leading global provider of DNA-related testing services, announced today that the Identigene DNA Paternity Test Kit is now available at Rite Aid stores in California, Washington and Oregon. This is the first time that DNA test kits have been available to the public in retail stores.

Prior to the advent of this Identigene retail store DNA kit, the generally accepted method of obtaining a DNA paternity test often required involvement from doctors and/or lawyers, weeks of waiting for results, and a cost of multiple hundreds of dollars. The new Identigene DNA paternity test is private, accessible and affordable, with a suggested retail cost of $29.99 for the kit and a laboratory processing fee of $119.

Customers purchase the Identigene kit to obtain a non-invasive DNA sample, which is obtained by rubbing the enclosed swab on the inside of the mouth. The customer then sends the samples, along with consent forms and a lab fee, to Identigene for processing. Results are available in three to five business days after the samples are received by Identigene, and customers may choose to receive results via fax, mail or online. All information is kept private and confidential.

All testing and analysis for the Identigene kits will be performed by Sorenson Genomics, a rigorous testing laboratory fully accredited by ISO and the American Association of Blood Banks for a wide range of DNA testing service.

We are delighted to join with one of the nations leading retailers to be the first to market with this new approach to DNA testing, said Doug Fogg, COO of Sorenson Genomics. I am confident that this convenient, affordable and confidential approach of offering high-quality retail DNA tests will resonate with customers.

About Identigene

Founded in 1993, Identigene, a Sorenson Genomics company, was the first DNA testing laboratory in the world to use modern STR technology for paternity testing. Identigene offers a full range of DNA testing services including tests used to determine paternity, siblingship and other familial relationships, as well as, DNA tests for purposes of immigration, child custody, settling estates and other family-related situations. Additional information about Identigene and its DNA testing services is available by visiting

About Sorenson Genomics

Sorenson Genomics ( is a best-in-class DNA testing laboratory certified to ISO 17025 and accredited by the American Association of Blood Banks. It was the world’s first laboratory accredited for genetic genealogy testing services. Sorenson Genomics provides a wide spectrum of contract services including DNA extraction and purification, biological forensics, drug screening, disaster victim identification, ancestral and population assessment, and custom test development to clients throughout the world.

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