Letters Received by the Office of the Adjutant General (Main Series), 1871 – 1880

National Archives Microfilm Publication M666 Roll 1

“Statements, depositions, and other records submitted by Gov. William W. Holden relating to crimes of the Ku Klux Klan against citizens of North Carolina, 1869 – 1871”

Ku Klux Outrages in Wayne Co., N. C.

In the month of January 1870 a party of men, some seven or more, came to the house of Andrew Peel, colored, in Indian Springs Township, and four of the party, viz: John Holmes, Robert Banks and James Casey (a neighbor!) and supposes Jovine Lewis as the fourth, entered his house and blindfolding him carried him off about a mile and a quarter from home and whipped him badly. This was on Sunday the 9th of January. They also robbed him of a double barreled gun; tore his hat to pieces and cut the collar off of his Sunday coat.

On the same night, viz: January 9th (and more than probable the same party) Joseph Green, colored, was taken out and whipped severely at Everettsville. Green knows none of the men that whipped him.

Harvey Warren fled from Sampson County into Wayne about twelve months ago, and states that he had been taken out by some six or seven men, carried to the woods, and taken by the arm and ran against the trees; and by the legs and flung about like as if he had been a log. The party was disguised; one of them had horns; made him feel of his horns; said they were from hell. Had a pistol for a Bible which they swore him upon; made him kiss it and promise he would never tell about what they had done to him.

A true copy of original on file in Executive Department of North Carolina.

J. B. Neathey,
Private Secretary