Letters Received by the Office of the Adjutant General (Main Series), 1871 – 1880

National Archives Microfilm Publication M666 Roll 1

“Statements, depositions, and other records submitted by Gov. William W. Holden relating to crimes of the Ku Klux Klan against citizens of North Carolina, 1869 – 1871”

State of North Carolina
County of Alamance

Before me a Justice of the Peace personally appeared J. C. Whitesell who being duly sworn deposeth and says: he was taken into the Society known by the name of White Brotherhood by John E. Clapp in the month of April 1869.

Andrew Huffman was sworn in at the same time, Thadeus Doyle was sworn in at the same time; Jacob Huffman at the same time. I don’t now recollect all of the Oath, but we was told that if ever I revealed the secret I would be punished by the order of Camp. J. H. Albright is the first man that ever named it to me and conducted me to Camp. I was where they met at Baulding Shops. Macon Apple was Chief and once at Cobles School House William Fickle was Chief that night. John Wagner and Jacob Wagner and Lewis Huffins and Peter Michael and Joel Fickle and Calvin Fickle. J. H. Albright appointed a meeting near the Rail Road last September to elect a Chief at which meeting I was elected Chief of the Camp. The next meeting was near George Whitesell’s and I as Chief administered the Oath to George Whitesell and Daniel Patten and William Swing and Joel Swing and William Huffman and John Curtis and Alfred Whitesell and John Huffman.

Macon Apple’s Camp ordered that a Negro man was to be whipped at a certain time living at Robert Thomas. Myself and Daniel Whitesell and Rankin Lewey and Patterson Whitesell and Rankin Whitesell and J. H. Albright and Macon Apple and Alson Burr and others that I don’t recollect. Macon Apple ordered that we should give so many licks. The next raid I was in was at Lewis Fickle, the whipping of William Long, Blackman. Myself and Rankin Whitesell and Jeremiah Whitesell and Daniel Whitesell, Rankin Low and William Low, William Fickle, William Smith, Phillip Boon. We gave (illegible) five licks apiece; it was ordered by the Camp that met at Joshua Boon’s Still House that Carter Causey should be whipped. Myself and Rankin Whitesell and Jeremiah Whitesell and William Geringer, Joel Spring, David Thomas, Robert Hobish, Jacob May carried the order into execution.

J. C. Whitesell

Sworn and subscribed before me this 6th day of September 1870.

J. A. Reese, J. P.