National Archives Microfilm Publications Microcopy No. 666
Letters received by the office of the Adjutant General
(Record Group 94)

(MAIN SERIES) 1871 -1880
Roll 67, 1872

Papers relating to crimes committed by the Ku Klux Klan in Alabama, 1869 – 1879

Vienna, Alabama
Sept. 18th, 1869

Robert W. Peevy
A. Whited
J. W. Grayson
D. W. Parker & 30 others, citizens of Vienna vicinity
Petition for troops to be sent to Vienna to protect the people and property &c.

Vienna, Alabama
September 18, 1869

To Major. Genl. Crawford
Commanding U. S. Forces at Huntsville, Ala.

Dear sir:

we the undersigned citizens of Vienna and vicinity, in view of the existing state of affairs in Marshall County adjacent to this section, to wit the murders and other outrages that have recently been committed in said County and threats of violence upon this place and vicinity, thereby rendering life and property insecure and having a desire for peace, order and quiet, do respectfully petition you to send a sufficient force of United States soldiers to this place immediately.
Very Respectfully,
Robert W. Peevy
A. Whited
J. W. Grayson

D. W. Parker
Wm. J. Wallace
Sol S. Ledbetter
James Latham
J. M. Ledbetter
James Edge
James L. Ledbetter
H. R. Gabor
J. G. Ellett
W. D. Collins
Isaac D. Wann
S. M. Nabors
R. E. Cochran
S. W. Kennemore
J. H. Alchley
B. H. Nowlin
Joseph W. Grayson
L. M. Stone
R. T. Butler
E. C. Lusk
James W. Allison
Jacob Owens
Henry Wann
G. L. T. Lusk
John T. Haden
Louis Vann
T. M. Fennell
J. B. Dickey
Joseph H. Haden
W. P. Sisk
B. F. Walker

S. R. Curmbaugh
2nd Lieut. and Adj. 12th Infty.
Post Adjutant