Shole [sic] Creek (or Chauga) Church
1796 – 1853
Transcribed from Microfilm contributed by Ruth Roberts

Shoal Creek Baptist Church

Oconee County, South Carolina
1796 – 1853

From the Original in the Baptist Historical
Furman University
Greenville, South Carolina

March 1843 – A list of the members
belonging to Chauga Church when the book came into the hands of Joel Mason
as clerk of said Church.


William Barton, excluded
Joseph G. Oliver by letter
Joel Mason by letter, Ex

Elijah Land by letter
Hugh L. Okelly by letter
Peter L. Barton by letter, excluded
David O. Barton by letter, D.
Richard Tierce by letter
William Harbin by Exp

to the Association
Wm. Barton, excluded
Dreury Knox by letter
David O. Barton dis. by letter
Wm. Barton by rec.
R. Tierce dis. by letter

David O. Barton und. wah. cas.
Posey Hicks by letter
Levi Giles by letter
Association 1847


Mary Harbin
Martha Eddens
Elizabeth Oliver by letter
Jane Moor by letter
Winny Barton by letter
Eleanor Land by letter, dead

Sarah Tierce by letter
Sarah Tierce by letter
Nancy Land by letter
Elizabeth Oliver by letter
Leena Oliver by letter, dead
Martha Okelly by experience

Susannah Morris by letter
Eliza Harbin by exp
Jane Moor dism. by letter
Nancy Okelly by letter
Leena Oliver, dead

Sarah Tierce and
Sarah Tierce dis by letter
Annis Hicks by letter
Parthana Liles by letter
Jemima Willis
Association 1847

Names of Blacks & Free Coloured

Wm. Barton’s Willis by exp, excluded
Swift’s Jack, dead, by rec
to the association
Wm. Barton’s Willis restored

R. Hackett’s Tom by exp
Swift’s Aaron by exp
to the association
Free Mary
Swift’s Caty
Pew’s Amy

Ferrel’s Dicy, dead
Pew’s Vipsillah
Wm. Barton’s Charity by exp
Harbin’s Vilot by exp
to the association
Swift’s Maria by exp

Free Elizabeth by exp
to the association
D. O. Barton’s Liza by exp & dis. by letter
Jas. Rust’s Linda by exp
to the association 1847